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  • October 27, 2022 1:26 PM
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    The Director of Assessment, reporting to the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness, is responsible for directing activities and operations related to program assessment activities across the College in support of its mission and strategic priorities. Key responsibilities include, but will not be limited to the following: fostering a culture of assessment; supporting faculty and staff through the program assessment process to ensure continuous improvement; and reporting out on best practices and opportunities for innovation to College stakeholders. 

    In addition to the above mentioned, the Director of Academic Assessment will also perform the following duties:

    • Direct a collaborative, systematic, and integrated institutional assessment process
    • Develop and implement assessment plans, which includes drafting of program missions, goals, and objectives 
    • Develop assessment instruments (e.g., tests, observation protocols, interview and focus group protocols, and rubrics) that measure both process and outcome goals and objectives
    • Collect assessment plans and reports, and maintain a repository of all documents
    • Coordinate, plan, and deliver workshops on program assessment practices
    • Participate in College assessment committees
    • Prepare summaries of assessment reports to identify best practices and opportunities for innovation and communicate these findings to College stakeholders
    • Become familiar with accreditation requirements and reporting
    • Perform related duties as assigned

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