ANNY Webinar Series

In lieu of the 2020 conference we will be offering our members a webinar series held over the next several months that will feature many of the planned conference presentation. To join us for the webinars, please sign up for a free membership today and then register for the webinar series below.

August webinars

An Intentional Process of Forming New (GLOs) Guttman's Institutional Learning Outcomes

Presented by:

  •       Niesha Ziehmke, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Guttman Community College, CUNY
  •       Forest Fisher, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Guttman Community College, CUNY
  •       Tara Bahl, Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Guttman Community College, CUNY

Wednesday, August 12 from 10-11 am – Register here

Guttman Community College is deeply committed to building a culture of assessment in the service of the College's mission to drastically improve the outcomes of the new majority students of NYC. Based on the analysis of multiple assessment reports and findings, the faculty-led Assessment and Learning Committee launched an innovative revision process for our institutional learning outcome using exploratory factor analysis, correlation matrices, and community feedback.

September webinars

Non-Classroom Assessment: Leading by example

Presented by:

  • Carrie Fishner, Library Director, SUNY Delhi
  • Christina Viafore, Director of Human Resources & Marketing, CADI SUNY Delhi

Tuesday, September 22 from 10-11 am – Register here

Two non-classroom departments from a small technical college share their experiences in helping to lead a shift in thinking about assessment for non-classroom units on campus. Both areas, the campus library and campus auxiliary services, have high student impact in their services but are not seen as traditionally academic when it comes to campus assessment efforts. See how these two units re-worked their assessments plans from the mission out to achieve actionable, attainable practices.

October webinars

Engaging Faculty in Assessment through Experiential Learning Workshops

Presented by:

  •       Nicole Juersivich, Director of Academic Assessment; Associate Professor in Mathematics, Nazareth College
  •       Jen Leigh, Professor of Management, Nazareth College

Friday, October 9 from 11 am – 12  pm – Register here

We discuss the planning, facilitation, evaluation, and engage in portions of 2 faculty development workshops: Cookie and Beverage Pairing and Mixology 101.  We developed these experiential learning workshops after conducting a needs assessment with the intent of engaging faculty across disciplines focusing on the purpose, framework, vocabulary, and process of assessment. The goals were to help faculty view assessment as relatable, meaningful, aligned with teaching, and FUN! 

November webinars

Reconceptualizing Course Feedback

Presented by:

  •      Laura Harrington, Associate Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, Syracuse University
  •    Gerald Edmonds, Senior Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs, Syracuse University
  •    Patrick Schnobrich, Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, Syracuse University

Tuesday, November 10 from 11 am – 12  pm – Register here


Our campus is reconceptualizing the course evaluation process. We examined current operations, as well as literature and best practices, to develop a new framework. Faculty, student, and campus partners provided input that was a key factor in making the move from “student ratings of teaching effectiveness” to “course feedback.” With the goal of generating actionable data, students are asked to provide perceptions on their course experience and their own effort and involvement as learners.


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