Board of Directors: Description of Duties

Directors are elected to two year terms and may run for additional terms at the conclusion of their term. Directors are also expected to attend a minimum of two Board meetings per year, one of which is an in-person meeting at an in-state location. ANNY’s Bylaws also set forth minimal duties of all Directors. These include: 

  • Establishing policies and developing projects for ANNY 
  • Carrying out policies as determined by the membership 
  • Adopting the annual budget 
  • Making available all official documents to members upon request
  • Overseeing the content and maintenance of an ANNY website, and ensuring a continuing online presence 
  • Acting on problems that need immediate attention 
  • Establishing membership policies and fees 
  • Overseeing professional development events 
  • Overseeing networking opportunities 
  • Providing an annual report to members regarding membership, finances and other activities 
  • Soliciting the advice and opinions of the members at least once annually 
  • Establishing a Policies and Procedures Manual, which shall guide the day-to-day operations of ANNY with policies and procedures consistent with the broader contract of the bylaws 
  • Scheduling and conducting an Annual Meeting with the membership. 
In addition, Board members shall be expected to contribute to and lead one of more initiatives during their tenure. This may include the following tasks as well as others: 
  • Newsletter/blog editor 
  • Webmaster
  • Listserv manager 
  • Survey coordinator 
  • Conference planner 
  • Membership and volunteer outreach manager 
  • Board meeting planner 
  • Webinar coordinator
  • Special committee chair 

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