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Assessment First, then Student Success

Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 1-2:30pm EST   Register here!

Just saying that a culture of assessment exists does not make it so. Like student success, culture of assessment needs to be an overarching ethos both in the way assessment is conducted and how assessment practices are augmented. Retention is a complex phenomenon and students leave a university for a myriad of reasons. The cumulative effect across campus initiatives improves the student experience increasing sense of belonging which then correlates to retention of our students.

Kal Srinivas, Ph.D. - As part of Syracuse University’s larger commitment to creating an inclusive student body, Kal works with all schools, colleges and divisions to further the ideals of supporting all students with the underpinning concept being that all students receive the individualized services and support necessary for their success through graduation.

Hopeton Smalling, MBA, Ed.S - Provides expertise to manage people, technology and business process. He is the principal administrator and Data Custodian for the Orange Success Initiative.

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